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Terminal Gravity's "India Pale Ale" is pale copper in color but big in flavor with a heady hop character.  It is a true beer drinkers beer and brings a smile to many a face.  We use spring water and snow melt from high in the Eagle Cap Wilderness!  This is the beer that was named Beer of the Year by the Oregonian.

"Terminal Gravity India Pale Ale is one of the best beers in the state, and therefore the country.  It is a rich copper in the glass with a lucious hops aroma betraying a vigorous hopping rate.  Complex maltiness balances the hoppy bite, as do the peachy notes... imparted by the yeast."  John Foyston, The Oregonian

ABV                           6.9%

Starting Gravity          15.2 ºP

Terminal Gravity         3.2 ºP




Terminal Gravity's Rye beer, "Extra Special Golden," might be described as an American golden ale.  This pale, dry and very drinkable beer is perfect for someone who wants something cold and refreshing but with a bit more flavor then the typical American lager.  The suprise is that it has a bit of a kick.  More bang for your buck as our regulars say!

ABV                           5.4%

Starting Gravity          11.5 ºP

Terminal Gravity         1.9 ºP


Breakfast Porter ~

Terminal Gravity’s Breakfast Porter is not your average porter.  A dark plumb color the beer begins with a coffee and chocolate quality, then quickly moves on to lighter berry notes.  The dark and berry flavors come from the wide array of special malts we use, including Special B and Brown for the more coffee flavors, with Crystal 15 and Crystal 40 for the sweetness.  The dark flavors are hopped lightly with Columbus, Crystal, Fuggles, and Syrian Goldings to balance, but not to overcome the pallet. The beer falls into the family of “London Style Porter” due to its smooth lighter body.  Terminal Gravity Breakfast Porter has the full dark flavors you expect from a Porter, but won’t leave you feeling heavy after just one pint. 



ABV                           5.7%

Starting Gravity          14.6 ºP

Terminal Gravity         4.5 ºP



Bar X Stout ~

Terminal Gravity's Bar X Stout is strong and full flavored that is neither sweet nor dry.  Our stout is fully hopped yet balanced by a round and complex malt finish.  We use ten different malts which gives this beer an extreme depth of flavor.  If you like stout you will love ours!

ABV                           6.6%              

Starting Gravity          14.7 ºP

Terminal Gravity         3.1 ºP



Triple ~

This is Terminal Gravity’s interpretation of the classic Belgian Triple style.  That being said, TG beers are brewed with taste buds in mind, not specific style guidelines.  For those who need to place labels on the individual, the Triple could best be described as an American Strong Ale.  Crisp and dry, with a hint of fruit at the finish, TG Triple is understated, not overpowering.  This beer is the drinkable strong ale you have been looking for to help you relax and enjoy a summer evening.  Styles be damned!  You’re sure to love this beer.


ABV                           9.4%

Starting Gravity          ___ ºP

Terminal Gravity         ___ ºP




Festivale ~

Terminal Gravity's Festivale is in the style of British strong or "old" ales.  We brewed it to be fairly dry so that it is completely drinkable and not cloying.  It has huge and complex malt and hops flavors with a nice little alcoholic warmth in the finish.  The color is deep ruby brown and it produces a fine cream colored cascading head.  If you like strong ales, this might be one of your new favorites!


ABV                           8.3%

Starting Gravity          17.5 ºP

Terminal Gravity         3.0 ºP



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